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Since 1870, Blundstone has made the toughest, no-nonsense footwear for work and play.

Decades of innovative design and production mean Blundstone now oversees a global supply chain bringing together the best ideas, components and designs to complement a wide range of products - from the iconic elastic-sided boots loved worldwide, to gumboots, lace-up safety

footwear for men and women, heavy industrial footwear, school shoes and casual boots.

Our products are developed by a team based in Hobart who use the best resources available

from all over the world to develop footwear that keeps pushing the boundaries.Our ongoing

research and development activity sees constant improvement in comfort, protection, performance and aesthetics to match the great fit and value. The Blundstone and John Bull boots we produce today are just as tough as they’ve always been, but are now a lot more comfortable too.WHOLESAFE is a wholesale distributor of Blundstone for New Zealand.            




Established in 1978 Blue Eagle is an industry leader in manufacturing.

Our aim is to provide the best quality and service to our customers. Our products are sold world-wide. All our products are made in our own factories in Taiwan, Where we continually test and improve our products quality.

We produce Face shield Visors , Visor Holders & Visor Brackets, Welding Helmets, Safety Goggles, Ear muffs, and safety glasses to the highest standards

We are very proud of our long and exclusive relationship with WHOLESAFE.

In 1889, Carhartt Inc. was established in Detroit, Michigan by Hamilton Carhartt. Today, the company remains privately held by the Carhartt family to ensure its founder’s mission is carried through in every garment it produces.

For over 125 years, Carhartt had delivered best-in-class enduring apparel that respects the hard-earned dollars of hardworking people. Known for rugged construction, innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort, Carhartt work wear has become a legend among America’s skilled tradesmen and craftsmen.


-Hamilton Carhartt. 

Carhartt. Outworking them all since 1889.

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor od Carhartt Workwear for New Zealand.


Why we’re here

We're here to protect the judgement and creativity that shape our world.

We give workers the confidence to think clearly and deliver their best.

We've been doing it for over a hundred years.

What we believe

That the users we serve shape the world we live in and the way we live in it

That judgement and creativity are only possible with a clear head

That protecting the head means protecting every bit of it

That truly integrated head protection demands unrivalled understanding of our users

That our independence is a valuable asset – enabling us to strive for what’s right, not what’s easy

What we do

We design and make the worlds most advanced and intuitive head protection systems

Centurion Safety

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor on Centurion products Australaisia.

For more than 40 years, Delta Plus has developed, standardised, manufactured, had manufactured and distributed a total range of Personal Protective Equipment. Its full PPE range protects workers from head to toe in the workplace and meets the needs of each user.

Thanks to its expertise in the PPE market, Delta Plus is now a major worldwide player, chosen for its multi-specialized global offer and its variety of innovative and affordable products.

In order to offer the best range for its customers in terms of quality and cost, Delta Plus ensures quality and manufacturing control of its products whether in their own factories or their partners'.

Today, the DELTA PLUS group covers more than 90 countries with 24 distribution subsidiaries and its grand Export department, which remain it close to its customers throughout the world.

WHOLESAFE. is now the exclusive distributor in New Zealand of Delta Plus products

ELVEX® Corporation, headquartered in Bethel, CT, USA has been providing quality safety equipment solutions to millions of workers for over thirty-five years. We are a leading designer and manufacturer with hundreds of distribution partners in the United States and sales to 60 countries throughout the world.

We focus our solutions in safety eyewear, head, face, hearing and respiratory protection products.

 A respected industry leader, ELVEX® serves a variety of industries including: Mining, oil & gas, construction, power generation, forestry, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing and more!

ELVEX® delivers a continuous flow of new and innovative problem-solving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

ELVEX is proud to work with WHOLESAFE for exclusive distribution in New Zealand for over 25 years.

EYRES Optics was established in 1989, and is a West Australian designer/producer of eye protectors and sunglasses. We focus on state of the art ingenuity in tooling and forging to produce eyewear to meet both the simplest and most demanding needs. EYRES is a world leader in developing, constructing and distributing advanced eye protection systems for a number of applications including industrial, mining, military, law enforcement, emergency services, and sports to name a few. EYRES design performance eyewear for the earth’s most hostile and unforgiving environments.

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor for Eyres safety eyewear in New Zealand

 Filson - rugged quality for over 100 years

Established in 1897, Filson is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of unfailing goods for outdoor enthusiasts. Built upon a reputation for reliability, Filson is a favourite among anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and renowned for making its products in the USA from fabrics such as heavyweight Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool, Filson stands for the highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories.

 Filson's philosophy has never changed: Make sure it's the absolute best. Clinton Filson spent a lot of time talking to his customers and refining his designs to their specifications. So it's not surprising that the items that worked then still work today, over 100 years later. Comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.

WHOLESAFE is the distributor for Filson premium brands throughout Australaisia.

Irish Setter is a brand that stands for innovation.

We introduced ourselves in 1950, in Minnesota USA, with the firsst of our breed, style 854. This disticnctive boot was built using rich Red Russet Leather, the colour of an Irish Setter hunting dog.

It was with that boot our tradition of loyalty to hunters began.

Our boots combine the determination of the hunt with the pride of a days work well done. Our commitment to the sport is what drives us.

We are in the blinds, the stands, the swamps and the fields. We are tough enough to play hard and we work even harder. We are up before dawn and stay long into the dusk.

We are proud to be known as the "hunting boot that never quits"

Like the loyalbird dogs who accompany their owners into the fields and woodland, Irish Setter boots don't let up and don't let down.

Irish Setter Boots are proud to work with WHOLESAFE for exclusive New Zealand distribution.

In USA, 1991 The Original® glove was born. The brainchild of a legendary race mechanic that sparked a revolution for working hands. Championed by mechanics and pit crews at the 1991 Daytona 500,

25 years later, Mechanix Wear’s deep roots in motorsports have grown into industries where skilled hands go to work every day. Everyday mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals, military and law enforcement all agree: Mechanix Wear is The TOOL THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE®

When it comes to your tools it’s all about trust.

It’s a commitment to anatomical design, industry leading material technology and rigorous testing standards.

A commitment to looking beyond conventional ideas with the drive to innovate the most advanced tools for working hands.

Over the years Mechanix Wear has transcended its racing heritage and secured its place as the innovative leader in high performance hand protection. 

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor of Mechanix workwear products in New Zealand.


Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. For over a century Red Wing purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of excellence for work boots.

At the turn of the 20th century a shoe merchant named Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota, USA, saw a local necessity for shoes specifically designed for the demanding work of industries such as mining, logging and farming

Over 110 years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear remains as unwavering as Beckman's vision. Our products consistently perform in environments spanning from the Mideast oil fields to the Midwest corn fields. Still headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing boots protect workers in more than one hundred countries across the world, an accomplishment built by years of hard work, endurance, and the promise to never compromise on our quality.

Redwing Shoes is proud to work with WHOLESAFE for exclusive distribution of our products in New Zealand.

Established in 1892 by Riccardo Spasciani. 
SPASCIANI has since its foundation devoted much of its efforts to developing products through the use of applied research. 

Spasciani is a world leading company in breathing protection and has achieved a position of excellence among producers on the international market in both industrial and military applications.

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor of Spasciani respiratory protection in New Zealand.

For more than 55 years, CERTIFIED SAFETY has been bringing first aid and safety products to the workplace. Our commitment is to provide quality products, prompt service, and friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We will continue to innovate new products, update current products, and listen to your ideas.

Certified Safety is WORLD WIDE with distributors in many countries as well as in every major city in America – thanks to you, our customers.

The variety of quality items we produce has made us the #1 growing manufacturers in our industry.

Since Certified Safety is a MANUFACTURER and not a "kit re-packager," we are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to meet and follow the rules set forth by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Beyond meeting and exceeding standards, we continually research new ways to innovate and manufacture better quality products. Our patented CPRotector®, the "Mouth-to-Mouth Barrier", is second to none.

We pride ourselves with American-made products and being a "one-stop shop.

We are delighted to work exclusively with WHOLESAFE in New Zealand.


R&R Lotion is an American family owned business established in the USA in 1983. We are dedicated to manufacturing new and innovated products for the Bio Science, Electronic, Medical, Food Processing, and Health & Safety Environment’s.

Our United States Manufacturing plant is FDA/EPA/NSF Registered to Manufacture and Formulate OTC products.

Each year we reinvest a minimum of 10% of our Sales in R&D, Off Site Testing, New Lab, and Manufacturing Equipment to better serve our customers throughout the world. Our Quality Control team participates in FDA & Cosmetic Regulatory Societies along with attending offsite seminars and conventions.

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor of R and R lotions sunscreens  throughout New Zealand. 

XAX is an Australian Company, family owned and operated.

"XAX DESIGN" Market and Distribute a range of "workingwear" (Work and Business Apparel) that is both Functional and most importantly Value Affordable.

Our Management team have collectively over 40 years’ experience in both sourcing and supplying all Industrial markets with work clothing and related apparel and equipment. The first-hand knowledge of working within all industries and gaining the understanding and requirements of functional "workingwear" directly assists in developing the "Value Features" in "XAX DESIGN" Garments.

XAX, along with our Distribution Partners are totally committed to developing and building a selective "workingwear" range of apparel suited to our customer needs and budgetary considerations.

Wholesafe has been the Exclusive distrbutor ox XAX products for over 10 years.

Started over 32 years ago

Maintained the "Made in Canada" production, which ensures quality, along with innovation in North America (most or all other foam kneepads in the market are made in China).

Tommyco is recognized as a quality brand throughout the world.

Invented pressure dispersing kneepad covers to help re-direct pressure away from the delicate patella bone.  A worldwide patented feature exclusive to Tommyco.

Introduced environmentally friendly “SafeFoam” kneepads and kneelers.

Continually creating innovative kneepads, year after year.

Specialize in all kneepad markets (hardware, gardening, industrial and military related products)

WHOLESAFE is the exclusive distributor of Tommyco  in New Zealand.