Elvex CU-ARC-4 (12Cal)



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Elvex ARC shield kits include a hard hat, visor brackets and Balaclava, for use in Hazard/Risk categories(HRC) 1 and 2.

■ Proprietary moulded polycarbonate design with special spectral absorbers.

■ Anti-fog coating for long term anti- fog performance.

■ Light green shield tint provides excellent visible light transmission (VLT).

■ Components tested and CERTIFIED at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory.

■ Polycarbonate shield absorbs 99.99% of harmful UV A,B,and C180-380nm.

■ Hard hat is light weight and Dielectric construction.


CU-ARC-4. Includes:

• Shield, 12 cal rated (FS-18ARC10, with chin protector)

• Hard Hat (SC-50-6R)

• Balaclava, 34.4cal rated (HD-ARC-FR3)

• Visor bracket (VB-30/SA-29)

• HM-20 Cap muffs, NRR25, Class 3

• Micro fibre cary bag for helmet and shield

Kit is rated 12 Cal



NFPA 70E-2012

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