Elvex CU-ARC-6 (Cal 14)



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Flash-Pro™ Head and Face Arc Protection Kit CU-ARC-6 for PPE Risk Category 2.
Features our newest ArcFit 14™ face shield is Lighter, Slimmer and Better Head Mobility!
All components tested and certified by Kinectrics High Current Laboratory.
Visor bracket VB-60 made with TRIAX 1120 - impact and more temperature resistant than ABS alone - 185°C vs. 105°C.
Kit includes: safety helmet, arc shield, balaclava, visor bracket, eye and hearing protection.
Shell Material: Polypropylene
Suspension: Nylon
Ear Plugs: SEBS
Arc Shield: Polycarbonate special spectral absorbers
Visor Bracket: TRIAX 1120 Nylon and ABS


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