Elvex Gelcap (Reusable)


SKU: GC-20


• Class 2

• Gelcap enters the ear canal opening and the headband force is not applied in the outer ear

• Provides higher attenuation than a Gel pod (GP-10)

• Easier to insert than an earplug, and since it is kept in place by the headband force, it does not have to be deeply inserted

• Cooler to wear than earmuffs

• Attenuation in the speech frequencies is flat in order to allow speech communication in noisy environments

• Made from a unique composite three times softer than the softest reuseable silicon earplug


- ANSI S3. 19-1974 23 dB NRR.

- EN-352-2 23 SRR

- AS/NZ standard 1270-1988

- SLC(80)= 17dB Class 2


Code: GC-20

Code: GC-21 (Replacement Caps)

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