Industrial Bug Repellant 6 118ml (4oz) bottle



R&R Lotion Insect Repellent formulated as a Lotion using only 10% of the active ingredient IR3535.

Repels Mosquitoes and Ticks in a Non Toxic way for up to 8 Hours.

Registered by the EPA as a Bio-Pesticide, a naturally derived organic plant substance, not a pesticide which is a man made synthetic substance like DEET & Picardin.

This lotion formula is Non Flammable and should not degrade Plastics, Cell phones, or Clothing.

Up to 8 Hour Protection Against Ticks & Mosquitoes:
• Family Friendly & Fragrance Free
• Lightweight & Pleasant Feel
• Non Greasy & Non Oily
• Tough on insects, gentle on skin
• No Need to Wash off when returning from outdoors
• Can reapply up to 3 times during 24 hours
• Bio-degradion of 99%, showing complete mineralization
• Made by Americans for the Outdoor Worker

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