PROGUARD Logger (60)

Elvex Corporation

SKU: CU-60
ProGuard™ Integrated Logger System non-vented combines three highly-functional components: head, face and hearing protection.
Increases on-the-job efficiency, delivers all-day comfort and maximum protection in one unit.
Features our award-winning Tectra™ safety cap, QuickSnap™ cap mount earmuffs and nylon visor.
Shell Material: Polypropylene
Suspension: Nylon
Ear Cups: ABS
Volume Ring: ABS
Slide Clip: PUR
Foam Absorber: Polyurethane
Ear Cushion: PVC
Visor: Nylon
Hearing Protection; Class 5 Equivalent
USA Standards:
ANSI S12.6 Hearing Protection Attenuation Standard - ANSI S12.6

ANSI S3.19 Instituto Nacional Estadounidense de Normas 

28 NRR NRR – (Noise Reduction Rating)

ANSI Z87.1-2010 American National Standards Institute - Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices 

Basic impact (1” ball-drop  impact resistance

ANSI Z89.1 Hard Hat Types and Class Standards 

Type I Class: E, G,  Additional special requirements

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