Shock absorbing lanyard twin.


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B-Safe Shock Absorbing Lanyard Elasti Twin 1.5M-2M Steel Snap Hook & Scaff Hooks 50kg -140kgSafety

Designed to limit the amount of force generated in a fall to under 6kN
Safe working load: 1 person
Heavy duty steel snap hook & scaffold hooks (ANSI 16kN gate strength)
Rated to 50kg-140kg
Compact design
Twin leg
Other Features:
1.5 normal Length
2m stretched
Lightweight design
Personal fall arrest device
Use in conjunction with an approved full body harness for added security
Materials: Polyester webbing, Steel

Approved Standards:
AS 1891.5:2020 certified product
Batch tested & visually inspected
All raw materials conform to relevant standards
ISO 9001 Quality Control System

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