Blue Eagle Face shields (FC-Series)

Blue Eagle

The "FC" series  fit to the B-10 Browguard, A-4 visor holder and Vishono visor holder

394mm wide x 200mm long

Polycarbonate with Aluminium surround

Code: FC-45

Polycarbonate, clear, 0.8 mm thick. Chemical splash and light impact

Code: FC-48

Polycarbonate, clear, 1.0 mm thick. Heat and impact, Standard:  AS/NZS: 1337.1, Z94.3

Code: FC-48T

Polycarbonate, clear, 1.5 mm thick. Heat, up to 140 celsius, and high impact

Code: FC-48G3

Polycarbonate, green, shade 3. Gas welding, heat and impact

Code: FC-48G5

Polycarbonate (as 48G3), green, shade 5

Code: FC-48N

Polycarbonate visor 1.0mm thick without aluminium Standard:  AS/NZS: 1337.1, Z94.3

Code: FC-49

Screen steel mesh visor. Heat and impact 

Below shields do not have Aluminium surrounds:

Code: FC-83

394mm x 200mm 1.0mm thick, clear. accepts C3 chin guard, Heat and Impact

Code: FC-93

394mm x 230mm 1.0mm thick, clear. accepts C3 chin guard Heat and Impact

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