BOGS 972781 Womens HOLLY Chelsea


SKU: 972781-300-6

Holly has attitude without trying.

Holly has extra thick outsoles and heels.

Holly is 100% waterproof.

Holly has Rebound cushioning, DuraFresh natural bio-technology and other BOGS technologies that keep feet dry and super-comfortable.

Holly insisted that we use BLOOM algae footbeds to help clean polluted water habitats. And when Holly insists on something, we simply obey.

100% Waterproof
Rebound cushioning provides all-day comfort and energy return
BLOOM eco-friendly, algae-based EVA footbed that helps clean polluted water habitats.
BOGS Max-Wick and EverDry evaporate sweat to keep feet dry
DuraFresh natural bio-technology activates to fight odours

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