Elvex Bi-Focal (RX-400)


SKU: RX-410


• The RX-400 has a cool design and exceptional protection.

• The wrap around lens offers a close and comfortable fit.

• Moulded one piece lens.

• An integrated rubber nose bridge and soft rubber tipped temples make this frame style as easy to wear as it is easy on the budget. RX-400 is our best value Bi-Focal.

• ANSI Z87.1-2003 (Z87+).

• Certified EN-166

• 99.9% UV Protection

Code: RX-410 (Bi-Focal power 1.0)

Code: RX-415 (Bi-Focal power 1.5)

Code: RX-420 (Bi-Focal power 2.0)

Code: RX-425 (Bi-Focal power 2.5)

Code: RX-430 (Bi-Focal power 3.0)

Code: RX-400G For Grey tint lens

Code: RX-400A For Amber tint lens

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