Elvex Cobalt 7 (SG-31BAF)



Cobalt 7

Brow-Specs™ Cobalt AF/PC Lenses are designed for observing hot molten metals in blast furnaces, refining stations, castors and runways

Elvex Brow-Specs provide the wearer with additional comfort from the brow guard and wraparound lens for compromised peripheral vision. The Brow-Specs sleek design, delivers extended coverage with maximum protection keeping debris and sweat from your eyes.


• Ballistic Vo Rated High Velocity Impact

• EVA Closed Cell Foam Brow guard provides extra comfort EVA Flame Retardant Foam Brow Guard

• Extended wraparound Polycarbonate lens provides greater coverage

• SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating

• Anti-Slip Rubber Vented Nose Bridge

• All Lenses Provide 99% UV Protection

• ANSI Z87.1-2010 (+)

• CE-EN-166

• Blocks Red and Orange glare and reduces heat transmission

• Allows the user to see fine detail shape of flame

• Performance Shade 7

• VLT:0.2%

• IR protection 53%

Code: SG-31CBAF

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