Elvex Face Shield (FS-12L)



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FS-12L features Lexan®, a superior quality optical grade material that's highly impact resistant and heat tolerant with limited scratch resistance.
Aspherical design allows optimal freedom of movement in all directions.
Offers wraparound, splash and impact protection.
Universal Hole Pattern on Elvex® face shields, also fit on the more popular headgear brands.
Elvex® face shields fit to our HG-25 and HG-35 headgears.
Material: Molded Aspherical Lexan®

Industry Leading Thickness: 0.078 inches (2mm)

Die cut universal hole pattern fits most competitive headgear options.

Heat Tolerance: up to 265 (130C) degrees

Dimensions: 8 in. x 12 in. x .078 in. (2mm)

UV Protection: 99.9% between 180-380nm

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