Faceshield Lexan with Chin protector

Elvex Corporation


FS-18L-CP features a Chin Protector that provides side bottom protection from splashes.
Lexan®, a superior quality optical grade material is highly impact resistant and heat tolerant with limited scratch resistance.
Offers splash and impact protection.
Universal Hole Pattern on Elvex® face shields, also fit on the more popular headgear brands.
Elvex® face shields fit to our HG-25 and HG-35 headgears.
Material: Molded Cylinder Lexan®
Industry Leading Thickness: 0.078 inches (2mm)

Die cut universal hole pattern fits most competitive headgear options.

Heat Tolerance: up to 265 (130c) degrees

Dimensions: 10 in. x 18.5 in. x .078 in. (2mm)

UV Protection: 99.9% between 180-380nm

Lexan superior quality with chin protector , impact and splash protection, Universal hole pattern . 10in x 18.5in. 0.078 in thick. Fits Elvex holders

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