DeltaPlus Bifocal (RX-350)

Elvex Corporation

SKU: RX-3525

Elvex now called DeltaPlus


• RX-350 series Bifocal Safety Glasses. This model adds a new level of style and design. It seems to fit a great variety of facial configurations very well

• Soft rubber nose bridge and temple inserts

• Great style and comfortable to wear

• Exceptional coverage and protection

• Bi-Focal Safety glasses are made from Polycarbonate for impact protection and have a 2cm x 1.5cm magnification area at the bottom of each lens

• 99.9% UV Protection

• ANSI Z87.1-2003 (Z87+)

CODE: RX-3510 (Bi-Focal power 1.0)

CODE: RX-3515 (Bi-Focal power 1.5)

CODE: RX-3520 (Bi-Focal power 2.0)

CODE: RX-3525 (Bi-Focal power 2.5)

CODE: RX-3530 (Bi-Focal power 3.0)

CODE: RX-350BR (Brown tint)

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