FILTER 2030 A2 Organic vapours


SKU: RC11390

A2 Organic Vapours

Provides protection against: Organic Vapours (boiling point > 65ºC) (A2)

Attaches to the Spasciani Half and Full face respirators, they are lightweight and well balanced when fitted to the mask.

  • Connection System ensures precise and secure locking
  • Low profile and well balanced twin filter design
  • Suitable for use with Duo or Duetta Half Face Masks and Spasciani Dupla Full Face Respirators
  • Lightweight with low breathing resistance

Suggested Applications

  • Common Applications/Hazards: - Exposed to higher concentrations where class 2 protection is required - For protection when cleaning with or using organic solvents e.g. toluene, xylene and MEK. Also degreasing, mixing, using paint thinner, lacquers and glues

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