HONEYWELL 5500 Spray kit LGE Retail pack

Honeywell Safety


Honeywell Spray kit
Clamshell Packaging Large Size Mask with A1P2 filters.

The kit comes complete with half mask, A2 rated filters, P2 rated pre filters and retainers

Handy Kits make filter selection easy!

  • Easy filter selection
  • Latex free half mask means no latex allergens
  • Low dead air space means less exhaled breath is re-breathed which encourages worker productivity
  • Strategic placement of exhalation valve on mask allows more breath to be exhaled out of the mask faster leaving workers feeling cooler and more comfortable
  • Variable thickness in sealing area of masks means the nose area is flexible enough to conform to the bridge, it provides superior comfort without sacrificing fit of the nose, but not too thin to collapse.



  • ASNZS 1716:2012 - Austalia/New Zealand Standards Lic 0563.

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