MACK Traction Nitrile Disposable Glove



Made from durable, 100% nitrile, Mack Traction Gloves are chemical resistant, slip resistant, touch screen friendly, and highly versatile.
The unique diamond texture design on the gloves channels away liquids to provide exceptional grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.
Safety Features:
100% High Quality Nitrile
Tough And Durable
Slip Resistant
Diamond Grip Difference:
Texture Channels Away Liquids
Increased Grip
Increased Airflow
Touch Screen Friendly
Chemical Resistant
Other Features:
Beaded Cuff
Powder & Latex Free
Automotive & Machinery Applications, Equipment, Maintenance & Repair
Industrial, Engineering & Production, Materials Handling, Mining, Oil & Gas
Science, Agriculture, Plumbing, Warehousing, Cleaning

Dip/Coating Material:100% High Quality Nitrile
Box Contains 50 gloves
Approved Standards:
EN 374-1:2016 Type B (KPT)
EN ISO 374-5:2016 VIRUS

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