DeltaPlus Full lens (RX-500C)


SKU: RX-500C0.5
Elvex now called DeltaPlus

• The only full lens magnifier built into a Ballistic rated 9 Base polycarbonate lens

• Over 50mm diameter magnifying lens for fully magnified work area reduces eye strain

• Increases visual precision for close work tasks in front and above user

• Soft flexible nose bridge

• Soft tip flexible temples keeps specs comfortable and secure

• Ballistic Vo rated for greater impact protection

• 99.9% UV Protection

► Available in Clear only

Code: RX-500C0.5 (focal power 0.5)

Code: RX-500C0.75 (focal power 0.75)

Code: RX-500C1.0 (focal power 1.0)

Code: RX-500C1.5 (focal power 1.5)

Code: RX-500C2.0 (focal power 2.0)

Code: RX-500C2.5 (focal power 2.5)

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