Welding Blanket (Vermiculate)


SKU: WB6636-906

Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Blanket

  • Advanced abrasion resistant properties
  • Grommets allow easy hanging in vertical applications
  • Heat is dispersed evenly across the surface significantly boosting temperature rating
  • Ideal for welding, furnace applications, pipe wrapping, and machinery protection
  • 1200 degree working temperature

W: 1.8M x H: 1.8M

Weight (PSY):24oz

Thickness: 0.03"

Colour: Black

Temperatures and applications are intended as a guideline only and not a guarantee of performance. It is recommended to use welding blankets in multiple layers to attain proper molten-metal and radiant-heat protection. It is the user’s responsibility to monitor the activity and use of blankets/highheat roll goods at all times

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